From Amateur to Artist

“From Amateur to Artist” is a documentary series about the lives and work of young female artists in the Canberra community.

The series aims to feature a diverse range of artists, both in the sense of artistic styles and backgrounds. It consists of five 4-6 minute episodes each featuring a different artist. Each episode contains an interview with the artist accompanied by footage of their daily life and a performance/exhibition out in the Canberra community wherever they share their art.

The series is now available to watch in its entirety on YouTube. It is supported by the YWCA Canberra Great Ydeas Grant Program.

Episode 5 – Lucy

Last, but certainly not least, make sure that you give Lucy Sugerman‘s episode of From Amateur to Artist a watch – it’s online now!

Lucy Sugerman, crowned an Australian National Busking Champion for two years running, is a seventeen-year-old performer and songwriter from Australia. Playing all kinds of events and venues from pubs to weddings to corporate events, Lucy has been performing around Canberra since she was just nine years old.

“I’ve lived in Canberra my entire life, and it’s been such a supportive city in what I love to do so I jump at any chance to celebrate the arts in Canberra. I was really excited to find out someone was creating a series supporting diversity and the arts, particularly with young females like myself, as it’s something I am quite passionate about!”

Watch her episode below.

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Episode 4 – Tina

Tonight, watch Tina‘s episode of From Amateur to Artist, online now!

Tina Nikolovski is an internationally published fashion and commercial photographer, currently based in Canberra. Tina is also the founder and director of Devojka Models, a local boutique modelling agency founded in 2016, and Models 101, co-founded with Jordan Martin in 2018.

“I chose to get involved in this project firstly based on the title, “From Amateur to Artist”. This journey alone was one of the most challenging and powerful experiences I have been through, and I know many others also feel the same. Apart from the fact that I absolutely love all things art – the process, the connection with others, the way that I can act as a catalyst to others loving and accepting themselves, there is nothing I am more passionate about than creating and being a catalyst to other people empowering themselves.”

Tina has always had a love for photography, stemming from when she was a child, and has been in the industry as a professional for nine years. Tina loves the entire creative process, from the initial intangible idea to the way that a final piece is captured and translated. She loves the way that this process and form of art brings people together and allows her to help empower others in the process, and feed into her higher purpose and intention in life.

Watch her episode below.

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Episode 3 – Bre

Bre‘s episode of From Amateur to Artist is now live!

Bre Lily is a 22-year-old student nurse, support carer for young women with disabilities and a passionate jewellery designer. She was born and raised in Canberra and has a strong connection to Australia.

“My jewellery means a lot to me, it represents the beauty of Australian nature and I have loved being able to share this beauty with the world. When I was younger I always thought creating my own business was out of my reach, however I have learnt that with perseverance, positivity and courage you can achieve everything you want to achieve in life. I hope that participating in this project will inspire young women to pursue their goals and not let any circumstances stop them.”

She began handcrafting jewellery in 2017 and found a way to combine her love of jewellery with the beauty of Australian nature. She has had a lifelong passion for creativity, dancing, writing and singing from a young age, finally channelling her inner creativity into her jewellery brand Eucalypse Jewellery. She has established her brand while studying full time and hopes to inspire other young women to follow their passion no matter their circumstances.

Watch her episode below.

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Episode 2 – Faith

It’s time to meet Faith, as a part of our continuing online launch.

Faith Kerehona is an 18-year-old artist from Canberra whose broad application of media allows her to work in photography, street art/graffiti, painting, drawing and video.

“As a young Canberra street artist, being involved in this project is a great opportunity to communicate my message about sustainability and social justice.”

She often aims to break boundaries between mediums and creates interdisciplinary works that are difficult to categorise. Her pieces are often subject based and use various symbology to express issues and concerns she has: typically focusing on the relationships humans have with the environment, the world and each other. Sustainability, racism, metamorphosis and technology are themes that frequently reoccur in her works.

She is currently focusing on giving her art conceptual depth by studying Visual Art and Sociology with a minor in Environmental Studies at the ANU.

Watch her episode below.

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Episode 1 – Ali

Tonight marks the beginning of our online launch, starting with our first episode, featuring Ali Clinch.

Ali Clinch is an award-winning actor & director specialising in the effectiveness of theatre as a tool for education, engagement and social change. Ali’s theatre experience includes: actor, director, musician, scriptwriter, choreographer, lighting designer & stage manager.

“I wanted to highlight the blessings and challenges of being a female artist in Canberra. I’m in my early 30s and am both a mother to a young child and a carer to my father with dementia. I’m interested in how the role of carer and motherhood impacts my creative work & how I can engage with creative projects in the ACT and the local region.”

Ali is the Artistic Director for ‘Acting With Ali’ a drama, dance and music school operating out of Queanbeyan. She is also an Associate Artist with Rebus Theatre working on several projects that use theatre to ignite social change. Ali specialises in personalised tuition that aims to unlock the artist within.

Visit the link below to explore Ali’s world.

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Premiere Screening

Skybound Productions is excited to present “From Amateur to Artist” – a five-part documentary series showcasing the lives and works of five young, Canberran, female artists.

Directed and produced by Julia Faragher, the documentary will explore the journey of five diverse and talented artists: Ali Clinch, an applied theatre practitioner, Faith Kerehona, a street artist/painter, Bre Lily, a jewellery designer, Tina Nikolovski, a photographer and Lucy Sugerman, a singer/songwriter. Dealing with themes such as motherhood, mental health, femininity, social justice, growing up and creativity, this is a film event not to be missed.

Join us at Palace Electric for the premiere screening of the unique series set to take Canberra by storm. The screening will be followed by a Q&A and networking opportunity, and a chance to meet the incredible artists who feature in “From Amateur to Artist.”

Purchase your tickets now at and click going on our Facebook event – don’t miss out!

When: 6pm, Thursday 14th March, 2019.
Where: Palace Electric Cinema, 2 Phillip Law Street, New Acton, 2601.
Ticketing: $10 per ticket, purchase now from

About Skybound Productions: Skybound Productions is a production company focused on creating short form film content for online release and the festival circuit. It was founded in 2011 by Jeremy Bonwick and Julia Faragher and is currently based between Melbourne and Canberra, Australia. Credits include Dear Jasmine (Lights! Canberra! Action! Film Festival), Timeless (All-American High School Film Fest, Bayside Film Festival, Warburton Film Festival, STUFFit Film Festival, Boorandara Youth Film Festival, Made in Melbourne Film Festival), This Is It (Screen It! Film Festival, St Kilda Film Festival, Little Big Shots) and The Art of Theft (Tropfest Jr, Canberra Short Film Festival, Little Big Shots).

Accessibility: Skybound Productions is committed to hosting accessible events. Should you have any requirements such as wheelchair access, audio/visual captioning, or other requirements, please contact so that we can help to make you feel welcome.


Street Smart – Meet Faith

Faith uses street art as a medium to focus on the relationships humans have with the environment, the world and each other. Sustainability, racism, metamorphosis and technology are themes that frequently reoccur in her captivating and diverse works.

You’ll be able to see more of her incredible pieces in her episode of From Amateur to Artist. In the meantime, visit her website and explore her world of art.